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Conflict is stressful.  Tempers flare, small offenses get magnified, often out of proportion.  When you’re in the thick of it, the other side of the conflict is an enemy that has to be brought to its knees.  And it’s precisely in those times, that level headed, strategic thinking counsel is imperative.  Without it, the fight might be lost before it even starts.  ABZ-LAW is poised to provide precisely that type of representation.  We’re well experienced litigators who never crack under pressure.  And we always look at conflict situations both from all angles, and with an eye on the future, after the conflict is over.  We have substantial experience in representing clients in a broad range of commercial, corporate, personal and other litigation matters in Israeli and various US courts.  

We have been successful in reaching favorable outcomes for our clients in diverse matters.  

We have strong experience in general commercial litigation, corporate disputes, personal status and family law matters, libel and slander claims, and alternative dispute resolution.

We advise our clients regarding litigation exposure and overall case management.

Our tenacious approach and thorough assessment of litigation matters in wich we’ve been involved have led our clients to victories in the courtroom and favorable settlements outside of court.