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Inheritance, Estate & Personal Status Matters

Inheritance, Estate & Personal Status Matters

Decisions concerning one’s personal status, like marriage and divorce or estate planning.  Those decisions involve some of the most important decisions people ever have to make.  And that’s why it’s imperative to have well experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel when making those decisions and creating instruments to effectuate them.  ABZ-LAW  offers our clients estate planning services.  As a law firm familiar with the laws of multiple jurisdiction, we  provide counsel and assistance  clients in various cross-border inheritance and estate matters.  Among the services we provide are:


Representation of clients in inheritance matters before the Israeli Registrar of Inheritance Matters and Family Courts

Recognition and enforcement of foreign probate orders

Assumption of executor functions.

Will preparation and probate, including testamentary wills and bequests.

Real property purchase and sale agreements, lease and rental contracts, real property gift title transfers and probate order title transfers

Pre-nuptial, ante-nuptial and divorce agreements

Our lawyers are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Justice to prepare and submit durable powers of attorney.

Healthcare Proxies and Advanced Medical Directives 

We handle guardianship proceedings on behalf of others.

Provide expert consultation on issues of American law to Israeli clients and attorneys

Provide expert consultation on issues of Israeli law to foreign clients and attorneys.